Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation Malaysia

ADFM is a member country of Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) and we work with the full support of ADI’s Asia Pacific Regional Office (APRO). Currently, ADI is 90 country members, of which the APRO covers 17 country members with several countries having applied and under review in ADI’s Member Development Programme.

Aim and Objectives

  • Advocate and raise awareness of  through public education.
  • Provide support and guidance to families and caregivers of persons with .
  • Provide training to volunteers and people who are involved in the care of persons with .
  • Facilitate the setting up of nationwide support groups for caregivers of persons with .
  • Provide collaborative support for facilities and respite for caregivers through the setting up of daycare(s), homecare(s) and a community corner(s) nationwide.
  • Promote and disseminate research and updated findings on .
  • Raise funds and sponsors to operate the above objectives and community projects.

Our Outreach Programmes

  • Conducting public education on awareness of brain health and early detection through media, public seminars, forums, talks, exhibitions and national events.
  • Training courses on  Care Skills (DCS) for caregivers and domestic helpers.
  • Train-The-Trainer Programme with the endorsement of ADI APRO.
  • Information dissemination via its Resource Library, ADFM National Caregivers’ Support Network and website:
  • Monthly educational talks and caregivers’ sharing session. Sessions are planned by local State Support Groups in Penang, Ipoh, Johor and Kota Kinabalu.
  • Facilitating workshops for professional healthcare workers under continuous education training.
  • Continuous in-house training to ADFM team of nurses to manage its daycare centre.
  • Managing the  HELPLINE support at 03-7931 5850.
  • Counselling services for caregivers.
  • Providing practical training on  care skills to nursing and medical students, researchers and social workers.
  • Operating the Atria-ADFM Community Corner.

Multimedia Library and Resource Centre

The ADFM Library in Rumah Alzheimer’s Daycare Centre has a collection of literature, videos, newsletters, training materials, journals, etc, which to provide resources and information on and about  to caregivers, research students, healthcare professionals, paramedics, volunteers and the general public.

National  Caregivers Support Network 

Through this Support Network caregivers to persons with  can appreciate that they are not alone. The support they receive is essential to the caregivers’ wellbeing – emotionally and physically.

Rumah Alzheimer’s Daycare Centre 

The Rumah Alzheimer’s Daycare Centre keeps persons with  mentally, physically and socially engaged with non-pharmacological therapies to maintain their wellbeing through various engaging activities. It also provides a venue for persons with  some social interactions and community inclusion under the supervision of our trained nurses. This service also supports to elevate some of the caregivers’ burden by providing some much needed respite.

Rumah Alzheimer’s is overseen by a qualified Nurse Manager and a team of trained nurses in  care skills.The daily mental and physical stimulation therapy programmes are planned by occupational therapists.Due to the care and attention required by persons with , we maintain a nurse to client ratio of 1 to 4.  

The Daycare Centre is open from Monday through Friday from 8am to 5:30pm, and is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public gazetted holidays.

Resource & Learning Centre

Knowledge is crucial in quality  care and we continue to organise in-house training courses to equip its team of nurses and staff with good care practices. Our purpose-designed  Resource & Learning Centre will cater to provide training for healthcare workers, nurses, volunteers and caregivers.  

With its completion in 2018, the urgent need for a larger space to meet the demands for training, conferences and workshops will be met. To also look into the growing need to equip caregivers, healthcare workers and domestic helpers on  care skills and coping strategies, we have developed and conducts several training programmes.

Atria ADFM Community Corner (AACC)

The AACC was launched in September 2017 in conjunction with World Alzheimer’s Month (WAM). This is a joint community initiative with Atria Shopping Gallery (Atria) and ADFM.